About Us

Bob After Dark started off as a radio show on WJOB broadcasted out of Hammond, Indiana. Then, thanks to Memoriam Development, became a podcast in 2019. Since its conception, Bob After Dark has grown immensely, and now has viewers from all over the world. The show comes out weekly, and discusses the world of the paranormal. Everything from ghosts, cryptids, and lore of all kinds. What will you get out of listening to Bob After Dark? Weekly news stories about the world that relate to the world of the supernatural, hearing viewer submitted strange encounters, and of course the lore of the week. BAD is hosted regularly by two individuals:

Bob Anderson

Here he is! The host with the most that enjoys toast. Bob has fascinated by the unexplained since he was a little kid. Starting with his love from the paranormal segments on Unsolved Mysteries, Bob spent his entire life trying to understand the world unseen around him. Spending most of his professional life as some sort of entertainer, Bob has moved his focus to podcasting.

Tony Panek (Count Panek)

Count Panek has roamed the earth for centuries before settling down as producer of Bob After Dark. His love of Nessy and the Yule Cat is only matched by his love of cheese curds.